In music, a counterpoint refers to the relationship between voices that are harmonically interdependent, but independent in rhythm and contour. Most commonly identified in classical music, the term originates from the Latin punctus contra punctum meaning “point against point”.

The harmonizing or blending of independent items to achieve an optimal result has relevance within the investment management industry. At Counterpoint, our approach to markets, resonates with an appreciation of the independence of each counter, security, asset class and theme, whilst simultaneously seeking opportunities to harness their inter-dependence in order to achieve a harmonious, risk-adjusted outcome.


We strive to be our clients’ preferred asset manager by focusing on a cost efficient service and delivering long-term returns in excess of client benchmarks on a risk-adjusted basis. Above all, we place the highest priority on the stewardship of our clients’ assets, as serving their best interests are ultimately aligned with our business goals.


Counterpoint is a boutique asset management business.

Our offerings cover the full asset spectrum and comprise of three multi-asset class (balanced) funds, two domestic equity funds, a fixed interest income fund and two Global Equity Funds (each with Rand Feeder options).

At inception our expertise was weighted towards asset allocation and the construction of multi-asset portfolios. In subsequent years, we added Equity skill and experience, to augment our stock picking and credit analysis ability. Today our multi asset funds provide full expression of the team insights within the asset class and macro strategy building blocks.

We have opted for a high service/low client base model, allowing us to focus on fewer supporters, but with real value add. Increasingly, advisors and consultants using asset managers need to be fully versed in investment strategies and positioning, which is truly only possible if all parties are fully informed. All our advisors have direct lines to the fund managers and are invited to attend and participate in our investment strategy meetings. Interactions have the added benefit of keeping us attuned to the needs and aspirations of the ultimate client – the end investor.

We run a lean business in which each individual makes a meaningful contribution. We invest in areas that are critical such as technology, risk management and operational systems, while outsourcing to leaders in areas in which we cannot provide a similar or better service in-house.

We are owner-managed and our business and personal success is determined by the services and products we deliver to the market.


We believe valuation is the key driver to realising returns over the long run but the environment in which valuations are set is dynamic and subject to change. Securities can deviate from fair value for prolonged periods of time given not only behavioural factors, such as hope and fear, but also in response to specific macro factors that continually arise in markets. Structural changes in the global political economy also impact the potential return of markets.

We therefore think it is necessary to modulate valuation with top-down macro considerations in our investment approach, as this allows for a more complete capturing of the risk-return dynamics of markets.


Financial markets, in general, offer opportunities that can be exploited. In the long run aggregate share and property prices are affected by the growth rate of the economy. All tradable and investable financial securities have a niche in the risk-return tradeoff spectrum, from money market instruments to cyclical equities. The key risk factor facing investors’ is the risk of permanent loss…
  • 1 We treat our customers fairly
  • 2 We always act with integrity
  • 3 We strive for excellence
  • 4 We strive to build a company that people want to work for and are proud of
  • 5 We are humble in success and strong in failure
  • 6 We invest in our people and foster a culture of continuous learning
  • 7 We are entrepreneurial
  • 8 We are agile and adaptable and willing to challenge the status quo