Model portfolios are becoming increasingly popular as the advice industry seeks low cost alternatives for clients. Model portfolios allow Counterpoint, in conjunction with its advisor base, to manage a suite of model portfolios on a risk adjusted basis for clients. Model portfolios are a collection of mutual funds (unit trusts) which are managed on a discretionary basis within a specific mandate. The portfolios are adjusted to ensure that the portfolios maintain the correct risk profile and are continuously assessed to ensure that the underlying fund managers are delivering to their stated mandates.

Investment Process
The investment process is designed to bring together the collective wisdom on multiple parties through an Investment Committee platform. The investment process can be illustrated as follows:

About Fundhouse
Fundhouse was selected as the preferred fund advisor to Counterpoint. Fundhouse is a leading investment adviser specialising in fund research, ratings and portfolio construction services. Fundhouse was founded in 2007 by professionals from the investment management industry. It operates from offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom, where they cover the local and global fund industry first hand. The business is 100% independent and owner managed which means they can offer objective advice and services.

The following model portfolios are currently offered by Counterpoint Asset Management:

Counterpoint Cautious Model Portfolio
Counterpoint Moderate Model Portfolio
Counterpoint Aggressive Model Portfolio
Counterpoint Balanced Model Portfolio
Counterpoint Flexible Model Portfolio
Counterpoint Global Model Portfolio

Counterpoint and the investment advisors that participate in the investment committee do not earn fees for services rendered.

Conflict of Interest
Certain Counterpoint SCI Mutual Funds (unit trusts) may be included in the model portfolios from time to time.